Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terminal Thoughts

No, my thoughts are not ending. 

Nor am I writing about things nearing their conclusion. I'm just writing from an airport terminal. Tee-hee! I took a photo of my little "area" here at the gate. But alas, I cannot upload it because I had my card reader checked in.  And why did I do that, you ask?

I didn't. The ground stewardess made me! =(  

After I had paid my fees for having overweight bags, the lady (who previously told me I did well for having checked myself in online), suddenly asked me to show her my carry on luggage and weigh it. (Hey, there are some flights where I didn't have to weigh my carry on, ok?)  I thought she liked me! Haha. But before she made the bag weight an issue, she already told me I was carrying "too many pieces".  I had one shoulder bag, one laptop bag, and a rolling luggage thingamajig. I couldn't do anything---she already tagged my ex-carry-on and asked for payment. It was one big sayang moment because I left a lot of clothes, shoes, and books in Chicago coz they won't fit in the two-bag allowance anymore. I didn't wanna pay an extra 137$ for another bag.  Sadly, I had to pay it still---without the added bag. But all is well, all is well.  I just had to spend an extra $10 for a plug adapter because mine was in the same bag as the card reader.  

So now here I am.

With four complimentary magazines from ADAC, one brand new adapter, one empty cup of a ridiculously expensive coffee (where's the cheap instant Nescafe when you need one?), one bottle of Aquafina, and one hungry tummy.  I am starving but I don't wanna get up and leave my post.  I can already see the other balikbayans eyeing my spot! Haha. I'm right next to the power plug and I can watch TV from the mirror. Hehehehe.

I am also thinking ahead. If I eat/drink, I would have to make a trip to the restroom after a while. Not fun. The restrooms are kinda small and it's a hassle bringing the baggage cart inside. Ang laki ng problema ko ano??? Hahahaha.

I was a little disappointed with the restrooms. I usually judge a country/airport by how "high-tech" and pretty their restrooms are. Hahahaha. Airports have different sensors and there were some which really scared me---like, you're hesitant to use the toilet because you're afraid the sensor/technology would suck you in! :)))) Here though, they had a kinda big, disc-like sensor.  I was expecting it to flush immediately after I stood up (as most sensors do) and nothing was happening.  I moved my hand over it, to the left, to the right, up, down, nothing was happening. I stood still and stared at it for a few seconds.  Then... it flushed.

I had stared it into flushing!  It's official.  I've got ninja skillz. ;-)

If only I can ask this cute seatmate (by staring into his deep blue eyes alone, of course!) if he can watch my stuff and guard my spot while I go eat. 

 "Hi, sir. Washyername? I'm.... single."

JK. I'm just REALLY sleepy and hungry.  See you in a couple of hours, Manila. ;-)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lowering My Standards

You guys remember my standards for a hubby, right?

Those standards are too high, I know. TOO high. No one is ever gonna pass my qualifications. So, I decided to lower them a bit..

Okay, so if you can love me like this guy loves his wife (translation: break me out of jail AT ALL COSTS if I am ever wrongfully imprisoned), then I'll sign that marriage contract. Hahahaha. Because I think 99% of males would let their wives rot in prison while they search for a new gurrrl (not a girl, a gurrrrl). The remaining 1% is fictional.

Don't worry, boys, I also made my siblings promise to do a Michael Scofield.  Blood ties are defined by Prison Break, y'all.

What is it with me and ending up in jail? Hahahahahahaha.

I just wanted to recommend this movie, that's all. =)  I can watch this over and over again and still be gripping the edge of my seat every freakn time. (Okay, maybe just the first two times of watching it).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why You Guys Should Be Thankful!

Okay... I'm putting off my "real" Thanksgiving post because I've got so much to do with so little time left. Hahahaha. I'll probably get around to it during my layover.  So, in the meantime, I'd like to leave you with videos from my soulmate Misery Bear.


Now, aren't you guys thankful you're not as miserable as misery bear? If you can't think of anything to be thankful for, here's a suggestion: Be grateful that you're not alone at night trying to access websites like :)))  

I love you, Misery Bear.  Every time I watch your videos, I just wanna squish you! Life is exceptionally tough for teddy bears, I know. Hang in there, buddy.

THANK YOU, Ana Viajera, for introducing me to Misery Bear. I have a bajillion other things I'm thankful to you for but you're gonna have to wait a few more days for my tribute. Tee-hee!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Black Friday, y'all.

Like, duh. Rebecca Black and Friday? JK.  =P
Thanksgiving is done.  So is the Black Friday shopping craze.  Can't wait for the next holiday. ;-)

We so excited.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I need more photography lessons/tips from my brother. :))))

Anyhoo, just testing out my new toy. Shifted from a Sony to a Canon and here are the results. =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


You know you...

Have uploaded too many photos on Facebook when the "Show More" link shows up on your album.

Are sick because you've enjoyed the black tea more than your usual coffee.

Are really sick because you look for the tissue roll and make sure it's right beside you before turning the lights off and going to sleep.

Bought too many shoes when you can't figure out how they'll fit in your luggage.

Are seriously crushing on a fictional character when you had a dream about them last night, and they were being more than friendly to you (I really need to stop touching the TV screen when Xian Lim shows up).

Should not have slept with contact lenses on when you woke up the next day and only half your vision is clear (I must've scratched my eye during the love dream and I found my dried up right contact lens hiding under the covers).

Need to get off Blogger when you see the clock reading 11:17PM and you're not even halfway done with an essay that is due tomorrow.

Public Service Announcement

I only have/use 3 email accounts:

If you receive anything that is not from any of the three, it only means two things:

1. It was NOT from me.
2. You have a batshit crazy gf pretending to be me.

I also don't have a US cell number. I only have ONE mobile number (Globe). So any text message that's not from that specific Globe number is NOT from yours truly. 



You know who you are. I did not send you ANYTHING. And I don't plan to. The last message I sent you was a direct message on Twitter (a reply to a message you sent previously), saying I'm sorry I've been busy and I hoped to talk to you before I left. THAT WAS IT. I have never called / emailed / texted you since then. I don't even KNOW what your email ad is because it was saved only in the address book of an email account that was deleted/deactivated a long time ago. SRSLY.

Thank you for being a great friend to me.  I'll always be grateful for the friendship, for the times you've been there for me when I really needed a friend... but honestly, you have some crazy shit going on and I don't want to be a part of it. It's disappointing because I thought this was already settled.

My last words to you were "Good luck".  I leave you with the same words today.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Skinny And I Know It

I know I'm losing weight when my legs  make a transition from being chubby to chicken-y. 

It's like the first part of my body which actually slims down and it drives me nuts. Why can't my face slim down first? It's definitely on a "higher" place than my legs! You'd think the laws of weight loss would follow the hierarchy of human anatomy, but no. My legs are first to suffer. I say suffer because I hate it when my legs lose their.. chunkiness. :))))

I like chunky legs! Not muscular, not shapely. CHUNKY! As in mataba. I don't like muscular legs because I don't fancy becoming a body builder ala Jackie Lou Blanco (is she still one?). I don't like long, shapely legs ala beauty queens either. I have come to appreciate my height (That's five feet one inch, y'all. Disagree and die.) and I just feel that chunkier legs look better on my petite frame.

Although I've gotten compliments from guy friends about my legs, I still wish for pata. Hahahahaha.  The thing about getting compliments from guy friends about your physical appearance is that you can count on the fact that they're not bullshitting you. Guy friends are lamps (watch "Just Friends" if you don't know what I mean) and when they tell you nice things about your looks, you can believe them. Because you know they're not out to sugar coat matters in the hopes that you'd go out with them. In fact, guy friends will try to annoy you---make it look like things are uglier than they seem. So if they tell you that you look good, they're understating things. You look fabulous. Hahahahaha. But if they tell you they're being stupid in a relationship, then you most probably are, no understatements whatsoever.

How did I get from legs to guy friends and relationships?  Only Biogesic and Neozep can answer that question...

Anyway, going back.

I was extremely happy with my chunky legs during my California summer.  I'd like to think that it was the running (and the chocolate chip cookies during lunch break) that gave me my chunky legs.

I relished the fact that kiddie chairs could no longer hold my fatty thighs. I had to move to the couch when watching TV in the living room.

But when I moved back to Chicago, it became too cold to run.  I had to make a huge decision.  Was I gonna keep my chunky thighs despite the risk of hypothermia? I suppose dying with frozen thighs was honorable. But my tropical island girl settings would have none of it. So I stayed inside the house.  The only "running" that I did was running my hand through my hair in the morning and realizing I once again slept with a hair clip on (one of these days, I might wake up bald). I suppose running up and down the stairs five times (up and down na yun so that's like twice up, twice down, and then one lap going to the kitchen to get some water) counts too. But there were no "serious exercises" happening. 

So what's the result? THIS.  A heartbreaking display of Peyton Sawyer legs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining entirely. I love my legs. I just wish I didn't lose weight. It took me how many months, how many Snickers bars, how many buffalo chicken wings, how many philadelphia rolls, how many chicken nuggets with cream cheese toppings....

I HATE getting skinny.  The worst weight I ever had was 80lbs and I vowed never to go back to that state again. I made an unbreakable vow with my dog and told him that if my weight ever dropped down to that level, he can chew on my bones.  Now that I've been sick for days (two days is DAYS, okay?? It's not a deadly seven days, but it's still DAYS. Plural.), I expect a weight drop again. Huhuhu.  I've been so happy I stayed well above the 100-lbs-mark but that sacred state is being threatened now.

I must act.  And I must act quickly.

Now, where did I hide my remaining stash of Halloween candy....

Feeling Down With Up

"UP" was on Disney Channel and I really stood in the living room, looked at the screen for about 34 seconds (the preciseness has not left my system) before bolting up the stairs.  I just CANNOT watch the movie again.

I first saw it with my mom and we both remembered my Tatay Nick (my grandpa, her dad). I love this movie probably as much as I love cream cheese (that's true love right there) but I just can't bring myself to watch it again.  Masakit sa puso. I'd see Carl and Ellie and hear that tune and my mind fast-forwards to the Ellie badge and then and then and then I ruin the movie for you...

So I went up to my room, popped another Biogesic, buried myself under the covers before watching the latest episode of Grimm.  And because I didn't want to have nightmares, I decided to watch "Geek Charming" in some movie streaming site before falling asleep.

I haz a sicknezz! Don't judge me, okay??

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Regular Programming

So, I'm in bed while writing this. That means one thing: I'm sick.

This is one of the things I hate about Chicago weather. When I came here last February, I was sick every day. And if you're sick every day, you kinda form this theory in your head that you could be dying. But since it was mainly a cough there, some colds there, and a fever every now and then, I figured I wasn't nearing my end yet.  I just haven't adjusted to the weather.  So I trashed my last will and testament and just hugged my Biogesic pack like it was my best friend.

Should've known I was gonna get sick the next day. My eyes. :(
 Anyway, as I worked on two very different, very conflicting essays while minimizing windows and shifting from one Firefox window to another (my sister said the Kindle Fire was gonna be 99$ on Black Friday! I dunno where she got that info but I can't find that deal anywhere!!! #panic), I realized I haven't really been writing anything here.  I mean, I've updated, yes.  But my updates were either stolen from my style blog or just a photo or a video of me teaching my niece EJ the most fundamental conversational Tagalog ever (I told her this was gonna save her life if she ever got lost in PI): "Maganda si Tita Chebong."  It was actually my other niece Erika who supplied the "sobra". Haha. She learned that it meant "a lot" (as opposed to "too much" but I figured I didn't want to differentiate anymore since the vocabulary was played in my favor).

And so for the last couple of weeks, whenever I'd ask them if Tita was pretty, they'd say "Sobrang maganda si Tita Chebong." in an even more broken Tagalog, but hey... we all get what they're saying.  I'm not gonna complain nor correct them. Hahahaha. See what happens when I'm sick?? Darnit, Biogesic, why haven't you worked your magic yet?? 

And so here I am, back to regular programming (read: a blog entry filled with incoherent words instead of pictures/videos).

Some people have incredible epiphanies happening when they're sick. Like, they develop ideas for some amazing invention or they whip up a really good plot for their next book.  Sadly, I am not like that.  I just sleep a lot. And when I wake, my first thought would always be, what do I want to eat? But the thing is, I don't even have an appetite.  Today, I woke up from my second nap of the day at 2:44PM (I'm  incredibly precise when I'm powered by Neozep) and dragged my pajama-and-tissue clad self down to the kitchen thinking that I was hungry and needed to eat.  I opened the fridge, looked at the cupboard, and decided I didn't need to eat after all.  All I needed was my vitamins: a hot cup of coffee.

Now, three hours later, I'm wondering about food again.  I swear---how I am about food when I am sick is how I am about relationships. You think you need it, you think you want it... but when it's right in front of you, you decide you don't want it after all.  HAHAHAHAHAHA. =))))))))  Sorry, I just really laughed out loud after writing that and I figured if I wrote it in caps lock, you'd get my point. :))))   I'm kidding, I'm kidding. =P

I will say this, though... there comes a point in our lives when we decide to start eating right and healthy. We're tired of the BS preservatives, the fake stuff. We're tired of the lies printed at the packaging, so to speak. We reach a point where we say, "I almost believed you! I almost fell for your... shiny packaging and bright promises."  And then we throw out that sachet of Magic Sarap with (if we're truthful) a slightly heavy heart.

I don't think the universe likes it much when I'm sick. For one, I reduce men/relationships to food seasoning.  At least Magic Sarap, di ba? Hindi Vetsin.  Nakakamatay yun.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Voting has officially ended and I won FIRST PLACE in Papaya Clothing's  Celebrity Icon Contest with 1,196 votes. =)  Thanks to all my family and friends who campaigned massively for me. Thanks to EVERYONE who voted for me. You've just made my Christmas exceptionally merryyyy and briiiiiight... ;))


Teaching Tagalowg =P


Press play for madness awesomeness!

Life Goes On

This could be para-para-paradise.... =)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's that time of the year again! :)

Christmas 2010
We're having our annual Christmas party with the children from SOS Lipa. We'll have the same program ---some games and snacks and gift giving. Please join us! :)

Because of poverty, illness, natural disasters, war, deaths in the family and other causes, 1 out of 20 children are at risk in the Philippines.  These children are most vulnerable. They do not have the protection and care they need. SOS Children's Villages, an international child development organisation focuses primarily on caring for such children from difficult circumstances. - SOS Philippines

One out of 20 children is orphaned or completely abandoned. =(  SOS Philippines is doing a great job in providing a loving home for these kids. Let's help them make Christmas even more special for these children.  Let's make them feel that there are also people outside the village who love them and are willing to help them...

Toys and other donations as well has packed snacks for the children will be greatly appreciated. If you can't join the party, you can still make arrangements and send us your gifts/donations. =)

It's time to give back! ♥

Six Months of Fashion

 cross-posted at


Although, technically it's seven... but since I've only had three outfit posts for November.... I'm just taking a look back at half the year! W00t!  500 Facebook fans, 90 outfits, 6 months of blogging, and one cheery fashionista! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brain Activity At 2AM

Random stuff like... 

1.  I would like to recommend GRIMM. It's promising! Not for the easily startled.  Okay, okay, so I'm one of those easily startled folks, but this show is too good to pass up.  I just have to arm myself with a pillow and always make sure that the volume is low. (Everyone knows that scary movies are doubly scary because of the sound effects! Or at least, that's what I tell myself.)

2.  I am thinking of taking up pet photography next.  And maybe car photography. Anything other than Cherie photography---which, actually, hasn't been done in a while.  Where is my mobile phone?!?!?! (I haven't mastered the art of taking self-portraits with a DSLR.)

3.  My sister told me that it now only takes an hour of travel time from Lipa to Manila. Yay, right? Then, she tells me that the tollway fee now amounts to 600 peysos!!!!!!!! What the eps.  Highway robbery.  This is soooo gonna be another excuse for me to never drive to Manila.  (Dad, drive me to Manila... pay for the toll, too. Hahahaha. If the line doesn't work, I can always fall asleep just when the toll booth comes into sight).

4.  I firmly believe that Manny Pacquiao won that fight.  If you think otherwise, show me your credentials---like boxing expert credentials, official $hit. 

5.  I am going to sleep now.


It's either I've been watching "Once  Upon A Time" too much or I've just miraculously overcame my dislike for seemingly scary trees.  Normally, I would be scared of this particular view. I'd be mentally computing the number of ways I could die in this kind of forest. Surprisingly, though, I found this picture enchanting.  The I-think-it-would-be-lovely-to-camp-here-despite-two-hundred-and-forty-possible-deaths-for-me kind of enchanting. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

FASHION: Team Philippines FTW :)

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Interlude again! Outfit post tomorrow. :)

I'm one of the SUPER happy PacMan fans, and I belong to the group that really believes he deserved that win.  I'd rather believe what the judges and the compubox say instead of rely on a few limited angles from the PPV. =P  Are you guys as thrilled as I am for the Mayweather fight???

Anyhoo, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask for your help.  Please help me win a contest sponsored by Papaya Clothing.  For details, please click here.  I'm the only Filipina in the contest, so please support me! Team Philippines again! As my friend Ana Viajera says, Pinay for Papaya. ;-) 

Voting is simple.

1.  Please LIKE Papaya's fan page ->

2.  THEN CLICK on my photo and LIKE it.  The photo below is directly linked to my official entry at Papaya's fan page. =)

Check out their page, fashionistas! They have really good pieces! I love love love their clothes. =)  So, please help me win their Celebrity Icon Contest.  Think of it as your early Christmas gift for meeee. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

It's gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day. :)

God knows that you can withstand your trial, or else He would not have given it to you. His trust in you explains the trials of your life, no matter how severe they may be. God knows your strength, and He measures it to the last inch.

Remember, no trial has ever been given to anyone that was greater than that person's strength, through God, to endure it. - from "Streams in the Desert"

Have a good week ahead, loves!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Come To Momma

 I haven't done this in so long!

My friend and cosmic birthday twin, Karen Kristie, took this quiz and I saw her result on Facebook. I thought we were gonna get the same result (because we usually have the same thing!) but her personality archetype is Philosopher and mine turned out to be Mother.  Can't say I'm surprised. I took an unbelievably long personality quiz before and got the result of "Nurturer" (or ISFJ).  Hmmmm I wonder if I can still find that quiz result.... 

You Are the Mother

You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you. You take care of people.

You truly feel for others. You are always imagining what it's like to be in someone else's shoes.

You are needed and wanted. People truly value you, and you would be missed if you weren't around.

You offer warmth and protection to your friends. You are considerate and kind.

Yes, dear friends, I am your five-foot-one protector and I shall keep you all warm with my super hugs! >:D<

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Be A Dear And Please Help Me Win! =D

Hey, loves! 

Because 2011 is my year for first times, I've decided to join a Facebook Contest (for the first time hahaha).

The contest is sponsored by Papaya Clothing and was launched over a month ago, but the voting only began today, November 4th. Papaya has always been one of my favorite stores. We don't have any in PI, so whenever I get the chance, I really try to haul as much items as I can! ^_^  Their Celebrity Icon Contest is all about dressing up using Papaya clothes while looking like your celebrity fashion inspiration.  I chose Sienna Miller for my ensemble. :)


I'm actually wearing two dresses here! The challenge was to recreate Sienna's outfit using my existing Papaya clothes. There are no Papaya stores in Illinois, unfortunately.  And shopping online for new clothes to fit my chosen celebrity would defeat the purpose of joining the contest because the prize is a gift card.

So what did I do?

Use one dress as a top and the other as a skirt. Of course, my trusty oxfords were there to save the day. :)

Dress #1:

Dress #2

How I Did It =P

And then I just added a belt to hide the "fold" or where the blue and white dresses met.  =)  Now, that's Sienna Miller cheriecity style. Hehehehe.

So please, if you're on Facebook, LIKE my Photo.

In order to win, I need to get the most number of Facebook likes. =P  Soooo please be a dear and LIKE my photo.  Tell your friends, too!! :)

There's another contest (also from Papaya Clothing) called AUTUMN WEAR CONTEST and it would mean a lot to me if you could also LIKE my new friend Haley's photo. Just click on the photo below and then LIKE it. =)


Voting is from today until November 17th only. Thanks, everyone!  ♥

Poker Thrace

Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my poker thraaaace 
(Admit it, you read the previous line with that Lady Gaga tune in your head) =P

Why Thrace instead of Face? Because my username in is karathrace (Kara Thrace after that Battlestar Gallactica character. TJ users think it's either karat or carrot race!). Anyhoo, random fact about yours truly, I play poker (or at least, online poker).  I used to go with my dad to the Casino but I always chickened out when I saw a poker table open.  I'd stick with slot machines or the roulette. I have yet to play in an actual poker table. Hahahaha.  I've had enough practice with online poker, though, thanks to TripleJack.  ;-)  I took a loooooong break from playing because it can really be distracting (and addictive) but today, I was having a major writer's block and I needed well... some distraction.  Yeah, that's how I roll. Play poker for some inspiration.  Spell AWESOME! :))))

Sooooo what happened with my comeback?

Hell to the yes. I won an iPad qualifier! Woohoo! How awesome is it that I won with a 10 - 4??? Hahaha. I was way ahead with chips and my opponent was getting eaten by the blinds anyway so when she went All In, I had to call.  Thank goodness I hit a straight. It would have taken another ten minutes or so before the blinds caught up with her stack.

What's an iPad quali? It's a tournament in TripleJack where you play for a chance to win an iPad. That's the cool thing about TJ. You play with fake money AND you get to play for some prizes---one of which is an iPad. By the end of the month, everyone who has won an iPad quali will play against each other for the grand prize: an iPad. 

It sucks that I can't play as often! Over a year ago, I would play ALL day ALL weekend.  But now,  I have a deadline coming up. Boo. =(  All I have to do na lang is become a power player then wake up early when the month ends and pray that the Poker gods will bless me.  My father will be so proud. Hehehehehehehe.

In other news, it looks like I'm coming down with a fever.  Winter is coming indeed. >.<

Friday, November 4, 2011

Time of Your (Facebook) Life

Okay, I know, I know. I promised a serious update a.k.a. my reflections about life. Haha. 

I still remember having Religion classes in high school---we had to write weekly reflections on a blue Cattleya aptly called "Reflection Notebook".  Now, I write my reflections on blogger, or on my Facebook wall, or in a private message to Ana Viajera or my mom. :))))  Sometimes, I reflect on Twitter too, but I write loooooong messages so yeah, it's a bit of a problem. ^_^  Anyway, maybe this weekend, I'll finally get to post my latest Mulan moment (reflection? get it?).  For the meantime, let me bring your attention to the new Facebook Timeline. If you've upgraded to the new Timeline, put your hands up! If you've ever loved somebody, put your hands upppp! Woohoo.  Sorry, I really like that song AND I'm still on sugar high from all the Halloween candy.  See what candy does to me? Making me switch from Religion to Facebook to Nelly all in one paragraph. I must stick to coffee. ;-)

So anyway, back to the Facebook Timeline.  It looks pretty on the profile layout aspect, but there are times when I wish I could go back to the old layout. Haha! I don't like it when my wall looks cluttered, and when I clean it up on the Timeline, it only gets cleaned up for the view of other Timeline users. When I try to feature something, non-Timeline users don't see it. I'm probably wasting time pointing out the minor flaws of the new Timeline... because maybe tomorrow, Facebook will once again change its layout.  Faceliftbook all over again. 

Here are a few things I found interesting on the Timeline, though... its classifications of what are "Life Events" :))

Okay, see----having a pet is under FAMILY. I was absolutely right for adding/listing Lex del Rio as my brother. :))))  He used to be my baby, but my mom said my parental rights have been revoked ever since I left Lex with them in Lipa. ^_^

And btw... how does that "Ended Relationship" thing work? Haha. Has anyone ever tried it? :)) As if naman you'd actually want to go to your profile, click on life event, and go through the trouble of announcing that you ended your relationship with <insert ex's name here>.  I believe the more common move is unfriending, deleting, blocking, or deactivating.  Or all of the above.

 Changed eating habits is a life event, folks. ;-)  And so is getting glasses or contact lenses.

First word? Whatever happened to requiring a certain age from a user before they join Facebook? :)) I guess babies would now want to be on Facebook first, daycare second. It's a Life Event, y'all! They grow and develop and learn how to say their first word all for the goal of being able to post it on Facebook! And then the next event would be First Kiss.  Asan na yung First Date? It's not even kiss on a first date, it's kiss before the first date! :)))))))   I'm sure these things are interchangeable, though... which kinda makes it more creepy. 

Anyhoo, one final photo before I end this Baby-Ruth-powered blog update...

Funneeeeh!! :))))  Tama nga naman. =)  Ramon Bautista once said "pag sumasabi ng foods, stuffs, furnitures and whatnot, wag mo na i crush." Hahahahaha.  Sobrang benta.  Oo nga naman, kasi.  Stuffs is a verb and not the plural form of stuff. :)  Tsaka the plural form of food is not foods,  it's... fiesta. :)))) Maraming food pag fiestahan di ba. Joke. Sorry, I'm really corny when it's past my bedtime. =P  

Good night, loves! Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Ate All The Candy

I know I promised a "real" update today, but sadly, I still haven't found enough time to finish my next cheriefication. Haha! I have time for this repost, though! Way too good to pass up and not share. :)

Honestly, I would have cried too. I have developed an emotional attachment for Baby Ruth bite size bars.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat for the Biker Chick

Who later became a gun-toting Goldilocks. ;-)

From Biker Chick

To Badass Goldilocks

So much for having a lot of costume ideas! I had so much writing to do that I didn't get to put together a "costume" until the very last minute.  I really did consider going out as Barbie, but it was too cold.  I didn't want to go around explaining to people, "Hi, I'm the short-auburn-haired-winter-collection Barbie." Made in China. :)) Almost everyone mistakes me for a Chinese anyway.  >.<  So, yepppp.... biker chick from the tropical island it was!

Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of the toddlers in butterfly and bumblebee costumes.  I didn't wanna run up to the parents and ask if I could take pictures of their kids. We didn't get to go around much either because one, it was really cold; two, EJ's feet started to hurt.

As I've said earlier, I ditched my biker chick getup later on and turned myself into a very confused cross between Lara Croft, Nikita, and Goldilocks. I blame the sugar high from all the free candies...

Or maybe I'll just admit that I wanted to make pa-cute to my hot neighbor! Haha! I was bummed that he didn't answer the door. His girlfriend did (or, according to EJ, his MOM! Toldya guys she looked old!).  She was so sweet though, when she saw EJ in her witch's costume she said, "Let me see your hat!"  I wanted to say, "Let me see your boyfriend!"  Or son, for that matter. :))

Anyhoo, for more of the outfit shots, please visit my style blog. :)

A "real" update is coming tomorrow. Another one of those cheriefiecations. =P  Until then, have a good week, loves!