Saturday, June 30, 2012

This is not an update.

A blog update would entail that I share the latest relevant information on the oh-so-profound topic that is my so-called life. Haha! An update means that I would share photos or videos of me discovered, barely alive, under the clutter of short story collections and manuscript drafts. An update would require that I publish a coherent blog entry containing various phrases, in at least ten different languages including Elven and Parseltongue, that depict my ecstasy over the recent single statuses of John Lloyd Cruz and Johnny Depp.

This is not any of those. This is not an update. This is just a weak attempt at making sure June 2012 does not pass by without at least one post from yours truly. It feels like I'm committing a crime, not being able to blog. =(  But I shall be back with a vengeance in late July-August.

For now, I leave you with a non-update. ;-)

* * *

Perhaps due to the restrictions on the number of words (or simply an editorial call), the ending of this article has been changed somewhat slightly. A snippet of the pro-Miriam petition was likewise taken out. Here's the original conclusion to my article, originally titled "Woman of the Hour: Miriam Defensor-Santiago". =)

"Santiago is famous for her 'quotable quotes' (I eat death threats for breakfast., Times have changed. It has already worn out its value., The problem with the Americans is that they are overpaid, oversexed, and over here., etc.), but these pickup lines have exposed her to the public as someone within their reach and understanding, closer to the frontiers of normalcy and simplicity.

Indeed, Santiago continues to acquire both fans and defamers---and she will continue to receive both commendation and condemnation. The question of whether she is a worthy idol or simply an idiot will persist. The public will always hold varied opinions on her wisdom and the display of such. There will never be a shortage of both admiration and reproach. The fact remains, however, that Miriam Defensor-Santiago has established for herself a legacy of mental prowess and peculiarity that generations upon generations will hear and talk about."

Read the full article here: LOVE HER, HATE HER @ Planet Philippines