Saturday, July 14, 2012



To everyone who posted on my timeline---please give me some time to go through all your messages and reply, but thank you so much for greeting me. 

To everyone who remembered and took time to text and/or call. To everyone who spent the day with me. To everyone who wished me awesome things and prayed for me.

29 years of lessons learned, trials endured, blessings enjoyed, love lived, and life loved. I can only pray and wish that the same awesome things will touch your lives. ♥ May your days be filled with songs to remind you of blissful experiences that only memory can duplicate, and stories to inspire you to create new moments.

May your hearts be filled with enough smiles to keep you moving forward in life, and enough tears to keep you grounded.

May your lives be filled with friends who will stay by your side despite your failures, and a family that will love you unconditionally. And if you haven't found them yet---a God-sent partner in life who will forever motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

May you feel joy and contentment in the smallest of things, so that every big surprise feels like a miracle.

May you find happiness within yourselves, so that every day feels like a birthday celebration. ♥

Again, thank you. =)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Wish List

Four days till my birthday! Wala lang, just practicing my math.

Anyhoo, I don't think I've ever done a birthday wish list before. EVER. I'm making one now because this year is special, I'm turning legal. This is my debut into awesomeness! And to welcome the challenging years of adulthood, I would like to equip myself with the following armors that only you guys can give: faith, hope, and charity. ;-)

So, if you're one of the many amazing people out there who love me to the depths of infiniternity (That's a new word. I'm running on three hours of sleep right now, so we're inventing vocabularies. Deal with it.) and would not let July 10th pass by without showing me some lovin', I wanna save you from the trouble of wondering how to do exactly that...

1. FAITH: Plant A Tree, Help A Child

SOS Children's Villages - Lipa's "Plant A Tree, Help A Child" activity will run until September. You simply have to get in touch with their staff to schedule the event. If you're not from Lipa, you can also send payment for the seedlings via bank deposit.  Like their Facebook page or send your inquiries to Miss Rosechill (0917-943-4000)

2. HOPE: For Baby Emmanuel

Emmanuel Zagala (born on January 14, 2012) was diagnosed with Anterior Madiastinal Mass, Teratoma Immature. He is currently at Pedia Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Phil. General Hospital. His family is in dire in of financial assistance especially now that he needs to undergo a series of chemotherapy. Baby Emmanuel is fighting to live so let's join him in his battle.

 Please get in touch with: Angelina Marciano Fortaleza (grandmother) at 0932-4706825
Mother: Angelica Ella F. Ibias (mother) at 0932-7835225

You may send in your donations via:
Branch: Padre Faura, Taft ---
Patient's Name: Emmanuel Zagala Section of Hematology and Oncology Department of Pediatrics - UP PGH Bed # 6, PICU Age: 4 months old Case No. 3796772

Below are the names of the fellows in said section who handle baby Emmanuel's case [taken from one of the documents from grandma]: Domiline L. Coniconde-Arca, MD Marciel M. Pedro, MD Cheryl Lyn A. Diez, MD Jochrys I. Estanislao, MD Maria Christina B. Arombo, MD The doctors' phone number is 554-8400 local 2104/4121

Update from last Wednesday: Baby Emmanuel's needs are as follows:
1. pulse oximeter 
2. stethoscope
3. suction catheter french 8
4. surgical gloves
5. Pampers Comfort medium size diapers (allergic reaction to other brand)
6. Similac HW

You can keep track of his needs as well as any progress in his condition by liking this page

3. CHARITY: Donate Some Dog Food

From CARA Philippines: Please continue donating the much needed dog food for the 170 surviving Laguna Pit Bulls. We need them to continue eating well so that their health will improve and their rehabilitation can continue. We are relying on you to help us with this mission.

CARA Philippines is one of those few NGO's that I truly, truly, truly admire. I wish there more people like Tanya Guerrero and the staff behind CARA. Their Facebook updates on the improvement of the conditions of their rescued animals are always heartwarming. Like their page and donate.

If you're thinking, why should I spend money on dogs... maybe THIS would enlighten you.. or lead you to have a change of heart. Besides, dogs are marvelous creatures. They're made of pure awesomeness. And you're a dumbass if you think otherwise, get the hell out of my blog.

If you're abroad or you don't have time to visit the offices/locations of the above causes, there's always the bank and PayPal. In case you've been living under a rock, there's PayPal Philippines so there's really no excuse not to share your blessings. =)

Now, since we have a little charity, I think it would be nice if we had some Cheriety, too. =)))))))) Wish List would be... Hmmmm....

Send me the pirated e-book of this and/or this? And oh, maybe an advance copy of this? And while you're at it, get me coffee a date with either this hunk or this cutie-pie. Rovilson has dibs, though, because he's an amazing speaker and I don't understand a thing Jihun says. =X He's just incredibly tall, dark, and intense. Just the same way I like my coffee. =)))))

Ktnxbai! ^_^