Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Good Company

I was thinking of what's the best way to describe one of the busiest but most amazing Septembers of my life. A Tale of Two Trade Shows, maybe? But when Ana Viajera saw a photo of me with SpongeBob, all she said was that I was in very good company, so I'm sticking with that. ^_^

Watch out for Winx Club!!! Spreading fashion and magic all across the Philippines very very soon. =P

Monday, September 24, 2012

Breaking the (blog) silence...

...for announcements regarding two days of awesomeness.....

Saturday, September 29th.
Greenbelt 5, Fashion Walk 3-8PM

When you buy a pet from a pet store that supports puppy mills, you support and likewise fund animal cruelty. I wish people would open their eyes and make a statement that abusive breeders and puppy mills have no place anywhere. I also wish they would look beyond a pet's physical attributes---you don't have to keep buying the cute, fluffy puppies. Please don't ignore the rescued pets---they, too, need our love. And trust me, (an Aspin is part of our family) they give the best, unconditional love you'll ever know in your existence. There are many pets out there who need a forever home, most of them have been abused and abandoned. You just might be the missing puzzle in their lives---and they to yours. =)

Please join us for a CARA Adoption Event on Saturday, September 29th and meet some adorable kitties and doggies! We will be at Greenbelt 5, Fashionwalk (next to ZARA) from 3pm to 8pm. Hope to see you there!

September 30, Sunday.
Robinsons Place Parking Lot, 10AM

From the website ( "A few months ago an estimated 230 pit bulls were rescued from a dog-fighting syndicate operating in Laguna. This syndicate was operated by several Korean nationals who had already been previously arrested for the same offense in Cavite.

After their release in 2011, these Koreans quickly posted bail and proceeded to arrange for the relocation and importation of more dogs for their illegal and barbaric online betting business in Laguna. This is where they were busted again, this time with 230 dogs.

The 230 rescued Laguna pit bulls presented overwhelming challenges for the rescuers. Many of the animals were found in very poor health. They were cruelly chained to posts set in filthy mud with nothing more than cut-out steel drums for shelter. They were terribly malnourished and wounded. Many were suffering from exposure to the elements."

You can also watch THIS VIDEO to learn more about the Laguna Pit Bulls rehabilitation project. =)

* * *

This is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of 2012 (or my entire life, actually). I don't remember feeling THIS happy, fulfilled, and complete. I'm extremely grateful for the chance to finally do something I've always dreamed of doing. Joining CARA is one of the best decisions I've ever made. =)

So please join me in the fight against animal cruelty. Come out and volunteer at the Laguna Pit Bulls Open House on September 30th. If you would like to adopt one of the dogs, you'll have a chance to do so at the open house. Meet-up point is the parking lot of Robinson's Place Lipa City. For more details, please log on to and/or like the CARA Welfare Phils - "Compassion And Responsibility for Animals" page. We also need sponsors for the dog food drive, so if you can refer anyone, just send me a PM. Thank you. ♥