Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Magic Works II

I wish I could write more about how - for lack of an equally sufficient term - MAGICAL the experience has been, but for now I'll let the photos tell the story. =)  Thank you to my PHP Family for making this event possible! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Planet Philippines: Cremation, Still A Burning Issue

It seems that the human decision-making dilemmas do not end with death. Even after one passes, choices still need to be made in determining their final resting place. There are people, however, who have thought far ahead into the conditions after their demise and have made arrangements pertaining to their funeral services. But for the departed who, either by choice or chance, have not taken the liberty of making funeral arrangements, the question of whether they will be buried traditionally or be cremated is one that their family must answer.
The traditional burial practices have been honored and observed by generations after generations. There was simply no choice but to pick out a casket, buy a lawn lot wherein to bury the dead, and pay the necessary maintenance fees or whatever related expenses there may be in memorial parks. But when modern cremation services were introduced into the country, there came another practical option.


Friday, November 2, 2012

About Ajie

Ajie is a dog we found in Barangay Cumba, Lipa City. Initially, the owners told us that he was aggressive, that he didn't want to eat. That they could not get a hold of him for treatment because he would attack.

When Dr. Aldrin of (Jurisvet Pet Emergency Clinic) accompanied me to the site, we found that Ajie was not aggressive AT ALL. He is incredibly sweet, calm, and quiet. When Dr. Aldrin approached him, Ajie agreed to be held and petted. Fortunately, the owners agreed to turn him over to us and have him treated.

Ajie was diagnosed to be heavily infested with lice, positive for scabies mites and heart worms. Dr. Aldrin was kind enough to admit him into his emergency clinic and informed us that it would take at least a month to treat Ajie. I am forever grateful for the devotion and commitment Dr. Aldrin and his staff has extended towards Ajie. There are MANY veterinary clinics in Lipa City (trust me---my baby Lex has probably gone to every single one because he just can't seem to find the best match for him). Remember Ming-Ming, the stray cat whose neck was hacked? The vet clinic I took him to did not show an ounce of concern, his first words for me were that treatment will cost me at least a two thousand pesos. He also didn't use absorbable stitches despite knowing that the cat was a stray and will therefore run off later on. I knew then that it would be a struggle to find a vet in Lipa who will walk that extra mile to take care not only of "paid customers" but of rescued animals as well. But I digress. It was only in Dr. Aldrin that I saw true compassion for animals. He agreed to take care of Ajie without asking for payment on the spot. He even waived his professional fee! I am truly very grateful for this.

The Jurisvet team has nursed Ajie back to health, and we're seeing just how beautiful Ajie truly is!

October 6, 2012

Dr. Aldrin assessing Ajie's case.

Ajie curled up after his medicated bath.

Ajie's Progress

Dr. Aldrin & Ajie, he has grown to love and become loved by the Jurisvet Team.

November 2, 2012
Ajie's coloring is slowly being revealed, he has greatly improved after just almost a month of treatment.

Please help Ajie get back into shape and recover. Let's give him another chance at life.

If you would like to donate towards Ajie's medical fund, see the details below:
Via Paypal: Go to this link:
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Emergency Rescue Donations."
Follow the instructions and make sure you write, "Ajie" in the notes section.
Please email the confirmation receipt to

Via BPI: Cash deposits may be made to the following account:
BPI Current
CARA Welfare PhilippinesAccount # 3191-0467-05
Please email the deposit slip to and indicate the donation is for "Ajie."

If you are from the Batangas area and would like to foster or adopt Ajie, please send me an email:

Thanks! =)