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It takes time to create a masterpiece, a lifetime for Cherie Del Rio. Along the way she had a run-in with the law (school) and ditched the color pink to wave the purple Arellano flag for a bit. In between objections and criminal law, she maintained an ongoing love-affair with poetry. In her pursuit of the art, she studied in De La Salle University, taking a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, claiming a minor in creative waiting.

Shakespeare and Neruda brought out the sonnets, but it was Mickey who brought out the song in her. Cherie was responsible for growing the publishing business of Walt Disney in the Philippines.

Just recently, she discovered that poetry can also be composed within four edges. Her flashes of inspiration can be viewed at

Cherie is also a vagabond, lusting for places of wonder and writing about them. Her revelations of the world were published at Asian Traveler Magazine where she was briefly the editor in chief.

A true green blood, Cherie has been a La Salle scholar from grade school all the way to her Masters. Prior to joining the Philippine Disney team as Publishing & Marketing Manager, Cherie has worked as the Brand Manager for SM City-Lipa in her native Batangas.  Before that, she was a Languages and Literature professor in De La Salle Lipa and was also the school's Public Relations Officer. It was only right then that she became editor in chief of Rektikano Magazine.

But a drifter can not be expected to linger in one place for long. And so her wanderlust continued online where she became a web designer, a blogger, and a champion of causes for children. While saving the world, she developed an obsession for shoes, shirts, and skirts. She is currently rehabilitating from her addiction to fashion. Follow her therapy at Taking a short breather from law school in pursuit of life, rhyme, and brands for less... it’s safe to say she is an outlaw fashionista.

The work for perfection continues for this vagrant photographer, poetry addict, and outlaw fashionista and this blog chronicles her progress.

And here is where it starts. Let the creation begin.

- Candy Villanueva-Lykes
Editor-At-Large, Rektikano Magazine
Contributing Editor, Speed Magazine
Regular Contributor, Total Fitness Magazine
Regular Contributor, Lifestyle Asia Travel Magazine


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